Tuesday, July 30, 2013

From Paris, with love


Haha, here I am again with a Paris post, but this time I went there for real. A spontaneous city trip with my mum (yes she went there last week too, the Paris addict!). As I had seen Paris about 3 times before, we didn't do anything very touristic like visiting the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, but we just simply did a lot o shopping and had some very good meals in some very good places. 

I'm just going to quickly tell you what those places were, what I shopped will be up soon as a Paris Haul but right now I'm computerless so I'm making this post on my iPhone ;) 

The first night we had dinner at La Plage Parisienne, a very beautiful and fancy restaurant that's located on a boat on the Seine. When I were there I felt like I was this rich French society person :p

The next morning we decided to not get breakfast at the Mercure hotel were we slept but to go to Le Cafe Marly, which is located at the Louvre museum. The food was great, a cute French breakfast with croissants and baguettes with butter and jam :)
As we had breakfast quite late, we decided to get lunch/dinner around 5PM at this place Germain. It's a really cute little restaurant where you can get salads, burgers, club sandwiches and little meals. The thing is, when I sat down there I heard Pyramids by Frank Ocean coming out of the stereo and I thought; nice, French radio stations play Frank. But then I heard Lost and Monks and Bad Religion and all the way to Forrest Gump and it started again from Thinkin Bout You. Damn, those people had Channel Orange on repeat! :D
The next day it was quite late to get breakfast somewhere so we had the biggest brunch at Ladurée. That a tea house that is located at a lot of places, famous for their macarons. I do hate macarons though, but the brunch was delicious. Scrambled eggs, petit pains, baguettes, yoghurt, fruit salad, salmon sandwiches (those were bad though) and hot chocolate... Ahh! And Ladurée is such a pretty and cosy place. 
Even the bathrooms of Ladurée are fancy haha :p That's me and my mum. 

Haul will be up later, prepare for A&F and American Apparel!! 

xx Romy

P.S. sorry if the post looks strange or ugly I haven't tried posting on my phone before and I can't check how it looks on a pc right now :(

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