Friday, February 21, 2014

Complete Relaxation

Wouldn't it be lovely to just escape from the world for a little while? When you have a horribly shitty day, when you have a headache from the boring classes or hard work, when you got dissapointing news, when you had a little argument with your friend, boyfriend or family memeber?  It's important to spoil yourself a little now and then. But with all the hush in our lives these days, it is also quite impossible. I want to give you some things that are in fact really easy to plan into your busy agenda, without pilgrimages to India or herbal treatments. 

Okay, it is in fact needed to plan an evening in your weekend where you're all yours. I know putting away your cellphone, laptop, tablet or whatever else distracts you is really hard. But if you constantly get calls or texts or Facebook updates, how do you think you're brain is going to get some rest? Not at all, that is. So try to put it on mute, or lay it away, whatever. Make sure there's no social technology around to distract you. 

My favourite place in the house, where I can completely relax? My bath. Take care of yourself by preparing a relaxing oil bath (Remederm Oil  Bath by Louis Widmer) or use some fizzers for an amazing scent (Lush Bath Bombs). If you like some music with your bath, then put on something peaceful. I admit, I told you to put away your phone and laptop. But there are other ways to play music, period.  Make sure the water has an agreeable temperature and that you're comfortable in your bathtub. Stay in there for as long as you find it needed (or just before your skin gets all wrinkly, because that's the most stressful thing in the world).
Personally, I love to get out of my bath and put on a bathrobe, using a towel as little as possible. I prefer putting on a pleasantly scented moisturizing body lotion or milk when my skin is still kind of wet (Sephora Hydratating Body Milk). If you have tired feet, there are multiple creams that help giving them some relief (Yves Rocher Anti-Fatuue Iced Gel).

Keep your bathrobe on to let your skin absorb the products. Watch a nice movie, sort out your pile of magazines, light a scented candle, take a nap, .. Anything that relaxes you.

I just want to highlight the fact that it's really important for both body and mind to get some rest now and then!

Take care,
xx Romy


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  1. Oh, such a sweet reminder :) It's exactly what I'm doing later before going out ;)


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