Sunday, February 23, 2014

Through my eyes

My eyes. I have no single idea what colour they have. At moments I think they're green, other times they're blue and sometimes, they're slightly grey. I like to think about it as the colour of the dangerous, mystic water around a pirate island. A dark shade; emerald, sapphire, rock. Surrounded by a smooth, black lining, of a long lost alga.  

Okay no,  I'm not bratting over the colour of my eyes. Though I really like it. These words actually come from a poem I once wrote about a surfer boy describing his looks by the terms of the sea. Click here to read it.

But what I wanted to talk about today, is the world through my eyes. I have a very realistic view of the world, though I love to dream. But I keep my dreams, well, dreams.  
I hate to fight. I'll always try to make everything up as quick as possible, and then I don't really care what went wrong. I forgive easily. I never forget, though. The good nor the bad things. 
I am an optimist, though not much of a realist, I guess. I have these days where the world is my paradise and everything I see sparkles like a Swarovski diamond cave. But then other days, I'm imploding. Imploding yes, not exploding.  Because I mostly keep my anger, frustration or sadness hidden. 
I'm not at all a pessimist. I hate people that suck out all of your positivity with their negativity and I'll always try to change those people, even if they don't want to . I don't get what's a life when you can't enjoy it. Carpe fucking diem, that's what my eyes say.
In my eyes, unicorns and faeries exist in our fantasy. But life without fantasy is, well what's the word.. boring. 

I'm sociable, but that's sometimes mistaken for arrogance. I guess that's why I get along with boys much quicker than with girls. I just kind of don't fit into the view of the regular girls in my town. The few girls I am befriended with are as crazy as me (my best friend is a hippie...) or not from my town. Then again, I enjoy talking with boys much more than with girls, because most boys just live to have fun and are barely ever fake. Which suits my point of view completely.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a slut at all. I have a lovely boyfriend whom I love a hell lot. I guess my look on the world sometimes bothers him, because we're slightly different on that one. But we influence eachother, positivily. He keeps my feet on the ground and keeps me from trusting people to easily. I get his head up when he's having a hard time and try to make him smile all day, telling him that that's exactly how you make the world smile back.

So remember guys, everyone has his own point of view in life, we all see through different shades of eyes. If either it's blue like a stormy ocean or hazel like a rustic piece of earth, no view is bad. There are differences in people like there are differences in the clouds. And there is no way you can change that.

Take care :)
xx Romy



  1. Leuk stukje en hele toffe foto! Mooi dat je vriendje en jij elkaar zo positief beïnvloeden! :)



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