Saturday, September 27, 2014

One word: style

Sometimes I look at girls in my town and I think; wow, I wish I had her clothes. But to be honest.. they're all just a replica of eachother. Of course, they look pretty, stylish, fashionable, but I've seen the same leather jacket - jegging - luxurious trainer combination a bit too much now. What I like to see is people giving their own touch to a trend you see often. That way, you're one hundred percent sure that people will notice you in a good way. Because it's easy to get noticed for several bad ways, too ;)

I know it's a bit mean of me to say that there are, in fact, stylish and non-stylish people. Every person who denies that is a liar. But i must say, being stylish doesn't mean being in fashion. You don't have to wear the most expensive coat or handbag to look good. And you most certainly don't have to copy the typical downtown outfit that you see every day. That, I must admit, makes you look ordinary and slightly boring in my eyes.

Combine! If you like the girls in leather jackets, go buy you one! But shit, combine it! Go take a look in your mothers old closet and find a perfect pair of secondhand jeans or a hippie-like sweater. Go grab jewelery in little shops. Paint your nails in your favourite colour. Style, for me, is paying an effort to look good in what you wear, but also look comfortable. If you don't like to wear dresses - DON'T. If you feel like you'll never learn to walk on high heels - DON'T. You look so much better when you don't have to constantly concentrate on a piece of clothing, but instead can have fun, talk to people, laugh.

And don't you ever dare to forget your best accesoiry when you leave the door: a smile.

What is style for you? Let me know.

xo Romy


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