Monday, October 13, 2014

All snuggled up

How lovely is it when you've had a great day, and you feel like the world is being your very best friend and life is amazing? And isn't it even better to end that day, not quite tired but fully satisfied, not quite late but late enough, in your bed, all snuggled up in a chilly room under your warm and comfortable covers? But can't that moment be even more complete, when you add earphones and your favourite albums to it? Yes. Indeed.
Saturday night, after a happy day of mostly making homework (that CAN in fact make you happy, you know) and an evening spent with my boyfriend, I had one of those nights. I crawled under the sheets with Kiss Land in my ears and a smile on my face. 

And somehow, although I like a little nightlife now and then, I think this is how I prefer to spend the time before heading over to zzz-land. 
What is your favourite way to spend a late-night?

xo Romy

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