Sunday, October 5, 2014

Beauty: Bobbi Brown gel liner and brush

Hello hello! What a lovely Sunday morning. Woke up, made breakfast, took a shower to slowly wake up and I'm now getting ready to go and have lunch at my grandma's. As usual these days, I have a bad hairday, but I won't let that ruin my happy Sunday. Instead, I'm going to put on some fancy eyeliner to make me feel beautiful - and we'll just knot my hair, then.

I ran out of my Urban Decay liquid eyeliner, but I do still had this gel liner my mum once bought for me in Paris. I kind of never really liked using it because it's damn hard to put on with that brush, and you can't work as precise as you can do with a pencil or liquid brush. Anyway, after a bit of practise it is kind of possible to get it under control. I do think you'll need a gel liner of good quality, and this one by Bobbi Brown is of fantastic quality I think. But the brush is less. You kind of have to clean it after every use (and I'm lazy). And also, I would have liked one that was shaped less round. But I managed to put it on quite well. I didn't want to overdo the look so it's just a simple line, but I might post pictures of more dramatic or winged versions. 

xo Romy

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