Thursday, October 23, 2014

Body issues

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A girl who had never had any insecurities about her body, is rare, not to say extinct. Even the girls that we see as the ones with the perfect body, have had their issues aswel. Or maybe they've worked hard and long to achieve the looks they have now. 

I was about 10 years old when I first started becoming insecure about my thighs. After swimming with school, in the dressing rooms, one of the girls declared that she was skinny because her thighs didn't touch. I looked down at mine, and ever since then I've been unsure about my lack of thigh gap. I know it's bullshit, I know thigh gaps are ugly. But still, my thighs will forever be my biggest body issue. It's the place where I gain the most weight when living unhealthy, it's a place full of ugly stretch marks and it's the place that makes me afraid of wearing shorts that free them. 

People always say that it's the models in fashion magazines that make us insecure. And yes, the ones with their bones sticking out give us the wrong image of what a woman should look like. But I think, these days, we are more capable of deciding what WE think is beauty. Growing up, I found that I must look a lot further than just supermodels to find a beautiful girl. On the street, in the bakery shop, random people on TV, even teachers and family members. 

If you're not confident about your body shape, don't go radical on it. Don't stop eating, it'll make you feel even more dirty and unhealthy. Instead, get a glow. Catch some sunlight, drink tons of water, sleep 8 hours per night and get some (light) workout, for instance take a walk with your dog everyday or use your bike to go and see your one of your friends for a change. Put on clothes that make you feel feminine and happy. 

Whenever you're comparing yourself to someone else, make sure it's fair. I catch myself looking at my petite friends with their skinny legs and low weight, but then I always have to tell myself: Romy, these girls are 1m50. You're 1m72. It's your bones and muscles that weigh that much, and you wouldn't look quite human if you had their shape.
And girls, if you ever doubt to wear a pair of shorts because of your 'big' thighs, stretch marks, unlikely knees or unshaved legs: fuck that. If you ever doubt to take your clothes off for a boy because of your 'small' breasts or showing tummy, fuck that. With every doubt, just say fuck that. Do what makes you happy and be confident. You're a woman, each one of us is shaped differently but we're all gifted with pure beauty, which can only be shown if we choose to let ourselves be seen.

xo Romy


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