Monday, October 20, 2014

Clinique superbalm moisturizing gloss

Hey there! As promised, more beauty reviews!

As I already said, I'm totally into beauty these days so I'm willing to buy a lot of new products. But of course, in with the new means out with the old. So I've been checking that beauty drawer in our bathroom and found this cute pink gloss by Clinique. I have no idea for how long I've already had it, but as I see the quality it can't be so old yet. 

I was excited to try it out because it said 'moisturizing', and at the moment of finding it my lips had this horrible dryness for which I used tons of Labello. But I thought, glossy lips and getting rid of my dryness at the same time? Hell yeah.

The gloss is not as pink on your lips as it is in the package. But it gives a really nice gloss, and isn't too sticky on your lips either. It feels rather soft and nice. And the dryness of my lips really faded. It could be a gloss I could get used to easily, it feels really fresh and healthy and also looks cute at the same time. 
You can buy it in several other colours too. This one is 'Grapefruit'. 
The gloss can be bought for instance at Boots. Click here for the link.

xo Romy

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  1. I have one and I absolutely adore it!
    Would you like to follow each other?Let me know!
    PS I would appreciate it if you check out/CLIck sheinside link in my latest post:)
    Thank you <3


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