Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My favourite photo-editing apps

Hey there!
Today I'm sharing my all-time favourite photo-editing apps. 
As we all know, smartphones may be great but they're still no amazing cameras. Though, we see Instagram account all the time who post photo's like they're made with a Nikon, but you know they aren't. How do they manage that? With great apps. Of course a lot of them are paid, but I'm sharing my favourite FREEEEE ones with you today (iPhone, I have no idea if Android).

1) Squaready
Everybody knows the trend of cageing your picture and leaving white space around it. Well, the best app to do so must be Squaready. I used it, for instance, on this picture. The only (hugely) annoying thing is the constant pop-ups it gives, for information about how to use it. Calm it you app, I'll figure it out myself..

2) VSCOcam
I believe that even taking the picture itself works better with VSCO than with the regular camera app. You can also edit it nicely, though the filters aren't great, the adjustements can be handy. I used it for multiple pictures, so I can't really post a link :p find it out yourself, it's great!

3) Filterloop
I never meant to download this one, it was kind of an accident. But I tried it out anyhow, and it turns out to be lovely. The filters and other effects are really great, you can make your photo look instantly retro or very dreamy, or splashy. Anything you want. I used it on the photos in this collage.

Talking about collages.. I've been using PhotoCollage to do so which has been working quite fine. But I want a better one, haha. Gimme tips!!!

What are your favourite photo-editing apps? Share your thoughts!

xo Romy

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