Tuesday, October 28, 2014

OPI Chillin' by the pool

Grey and white have been really hot on nails these days. I see girls with white gel nails all the time. But as I'm a bit afraid of getting gel nails, though I think it's really pretty when it's done right, I decided to create my own illusion. I have very strong and hard nails, so when I let them grow longer, they don't break or flake off. I love having long nails, hearing them tick on everything and all. 

And to create the image of white gel nails, I looked for a colour in my nail polish bag that faded the most to white (apart from actual white :p). And it was this beautiful OPI colour named Chillin' by the pool from the Astrid Bryan line. I have three colours of that line (pink, nude and this one) and I must say that at first I thought that they were rather simple, but actually they're the most elegant colours I've ever seen. 

The first layer of Chillin by the pool will disappoint you. It's nicely said very transparent. But I promise you, as soon as you apply the second layer, your disappointment will fade like snow in the sun.


xo Romy



  1. I love this colour. I cant get enough of grey nail varnish and this colour looks perfect for me.
    You're right, it does look elegant!


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