Monday, December 8, 2014

Hunkemöller giftbag

Aww, ain't it cute? Got this superfancy gift bag from Hunkemöller for free just for the holidays. It's a cute toiletry bag in which I think I'm going to store my make-up when I go on a trip. Inside was a little nail polish bottle named 'Sexy Nails' and a hand cream named 'Sexy Pink'. I tried the polish on my toes; it's a very light pink with glitters and it's actually quite nice! You do notice by the texture that it was for free, but the colour is really cute. I don't like the hand cream much, though. It's sticky and has a good but cheap smell. 
The packaging is really 'sexy' and lacy, just like the lingerie at the shop. Hunkemöller is one of my favourite places for shopping undergarments and sleepwear so I would really reccomend you to pay a visit if there's a shop nearby, maybe you'll get a chance at receiving one of these giftbags too!

 xo Romy


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