Saturday, December 20, 2014

Inspiration: all black

A look that never bores, that can be as well super badass as cute Parisienne, a timeless yet superhot look, and something I like to choose for myself: the all-black outfit.
Maybe some picture a sloppy person now, wearing different shades of black that are a result of too much bad washing, with sloppy pants, a scuffy sweater and decrepit black sneakers. But no, that's not who I'm talking about.

The secret of wearing only black is in variety. You need to mix textures, fabrics and lenghts to make it a whole less boring. Also, you need to break the whole piece and make it a lot more feminine by showing a bit of skin - in which I do not particulary mean cleavage or legs. Just a half-sleeved top that shows your underarms, seven-eight jeans or an open back can do a lot for the perfect black look.
Let me show you my favourite all-black outfits that I ran into these days!

Mary-Kate Olsen.
Kendall Jenner at Topshop • sexy • all in black • sunglasses • long black boots • big black long coat • winter style •Strutting her stuff! Ariana Grande cut a stylish figure in an all black outfit of faux fur fluffy coat skinny jeans and heels - get the exact same coat from Topshop...x
All photo credits Tumblr and  Pinterest

xo Romy

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