Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Study tips

Hello! As I'm back in exams for three weeks, I thought I might make a post for all the other fellas that share the experience. As I'm a quite good, calm relaxed student who barely ever stresses for an exam, I think I'm in quite a good position to advice y'all ;)
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  1. Organise. Make sure everything you'll need is on your desk, including paper, pencils, markers, a calculator, a bottle of water, snacks and anything that makes it more appealing to study on your desk. Personally I enjoy some candles and something that smells nice to make my desk a lot nicer to sit at. 
  2. Hydrate. Drinking a lot of water is something that I find very important during these times, not only because it's the only time that I find the time to drink water besides my meals, but also because it makes me feel more lively, energetic and healthy, which results in more study motivation.
  3. Make sure you know what you're going to do in your break. Plan a short activity that starts and ends, so you don't get stuck in an everlasting break. Take a magazine or two and a cup of coffee and get back to books when the magazines are read and the coffee is drank. Watch ONE episode of your favorite series. Take your dog for a walk (wish I had one so I could do this, walking by myself is so lonely), ...
  4. Find a proper motivation. Really, studying goes 200 percent better when you have a goal. Maybe your parents will give you something when you have good results? Or maybe you just want to show that person who always said you couldn't do it that success is the best revenge? Or just put a goal up for yourself: if you get more that 80% on your math exam, you can get an extra pair of shoes in the sales...
  5. Don't make your environment too warm. Really, there's nothing that takes your concentration away more than an over-heated room. As cosy at is may be, studying goes a lot better with some cool, fresh air blowing in your face. So open the window on and off and turn your heating system a couple of degrees lower. If it's too chilly, just put on a cosy sweater!
  6. Sleep. Having about 6-8 hours of sleep every night is so important, and even more during exams. Don't study longer than midnight, even if you're stressing out. Hop into bed and get out a little earlier to overlook, you'll remember more than you would've done at night! And by getting enough sleep, you will have more concentration the next day.
  7. Don't put up lyrical music, it'll distract you from reading. The only time I put on music is when I'm studying maths, but if you can't live without, you can choose classical or instrumental music too.
  8. RELAX. There's absolutely no reason to stress out. The only thing you can do is study well and ask help where needed. And eventually, exams can be done again. But your life can't. So don't freak out if one of them went bad; there's ALWAYS a second chance. 
What are your study tips? Good luck to everyone with exams!!

xo Romy

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