Monday, December 22, 2014

Webshop: My Little Shop

Hey there lovely readers!

It’s winter, it’s cold, rainy and probably snowy soon… It may sound nice to take a long walk on a sunny, ice cold day (which is), but if there’s one thing I don’t like to do in winter, it’s shopping.

Really, I never buy a thing because I really don’t want to go try on clothes because then I have to take off the 20 layers I’m wearing, which is also too hot to walk in the heated shops, and those heaters also make my hair static… So no, shopping in winter is not a good idea for me.

BUT HEY! There’s this lovely metal/plastic construction on my desk which offers me a world wide web filled with amazing websites that offer shopping WITHOUT static hair (I’m talking about my laptop, nevermind…). So for all the girls who hate shopping these days too, but still want to buy their favourite clothing, I’m offering you a brand new webshop I discovered: My Little Shop.

Especially for my readers from Belgium and Holland, this is an interesting link. It’s a Dutch webshop filled with the cutest fashion for young girls. Cute tribal-printed scarfs, fringed it-bags, fluffy coats and cardigans and even temporary tattoos. My Little Shop offers a range of girly accessories and clothing – for a reasonable, even amazingly friendly price.  Which is exactly their goal: offering items up to 80 % cheaper than you could find them anywhere else. Oh, heaven.

Let me give you a sneak-peak in my favourite items from My Little Shop’s collection!!

Find out more lovely items on /

Tell me how you like it!

xo Romy


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