Sunday, January 4, 2015

Rituals beauty products

I didn't even know Rituals had an actual make-up line, but I got these products along with some shower foams and scrubs from my aunt for my birthday.

The first products (the white tube) is a soft cleanser that takes away dirt and make-up rests. It's a gel-kind of structure that becomes foamy when you add water. It smells really nice and fresh, but it doesn't really do much for me and it leaves my skin a bit sticky, so you really have to wash it off very well. 3/5

The second product is a silky lipgloss, transparent, but very moisturizing for my lips. They feel really soft and the gloss also doesn't feel sticky and tastes quite alright - not that I eat it, I just mean how it feels on your lips :p. I was shocked to see how many lip products Rituals offers. This lip gloss can be found in many other colours along with lipsticks, pencils, balms, .... 4.5/5

Next there's the 3-in-1 miracle mascara, which is better than the other cheap mascara's I have, but I still don't like mascara at all. I have naturally long, thick lashes and using mascara just makes them uglier and makes me look mean. But I must say this one's quite good! 4/5

Last is the essential anti-ageing day cream, which is my favourite. I makes my skin really soft and moisturized and has that typical anti-ageing smell, which I secretly love. It's also not oily, so it's a perfect base for using make-up after it, as I do not own thinks like primers or all that stuff. 5/5

After checking out the Rituals website and seeing all those nice products, like masks and serums, I'm really planning on visiting the store soon and buying those nice things - and they're quite cheap, too.

Every tried Rituals products?

xo Romy

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