Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sneaker craving

Sneaker craving

No Name sneaker, €62 / Nike shoes, €100 / Zara platform shoes, €71 / H M sneaker, €27

Oh, dem shoes. Always way too seductive. And as a 17-year-old who prefers comfort, sneakers are the perfect type of shoes that can steal my heart instantly.

How mainstream it may get, I'm still in love over those Nike Roshe Run trainers. Though not in the typical b&w version that well, half of the world owns. I really like a subtle, yet elegant colour (like the one above) that can be worn casual as well as sporty. Never owned a pair though. Don't think I ever will either...

I've been really surprised about how nice the new H&M shoe collection looks. The problem with H&M is that I always stalk the webshop and then go shopping to the store with lots of hope to buy the gear that I liked online, but those things mostly turn out to look not even half as good as on the picture - a bit like McDonald's burgers. Though I'm really setting all my hope on these white trainers with gold/beige lining. 

Zara is a shop whose shoes have never dissapointed me. I once bought a pair of black trainers with spikes there, and though after 3 years of wearing them almost daily the sole shows some holes and my feet can barely live after a day of wearing them, they're still my favourite. Not sure about these platform trainers that I've spotted, but the colour is just breathtaking.

Last but not least, the ones I'm probably buying anytime soon. I've got No Name sneakers already, plain black ones, and they're so good. If you think platform sneakers aren't comfortable, reconsider. No Name is a great, yet quite unknown brand and I think that should change. And gooooosh, look at that colour. Jup, sold ;)

xo Romy

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