Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dressingtable dreams


Ever since I was a little girl, a dressing table has been what I dreamt of and still never got. Not because I wasn't allowed; just simply because I never had room for it. 

But how beautiful and handy are they? Preferably I'd have a fully white one, minimalistic but luxurious, with a big mirror with those theatre-dressingroom lights around it like they used to be in the movies. It would lead directly to a cute walk in closet and would be accompanied by a cute poof (like in the right picture). It would be a place to store all my lipsticks, eyeshadows, mascaras, nail polishes, etc. There would be a cute brush holder in which I would store my favourite brushes and a nice bouquet of roses would be on it too. Like in the left picture, I'd hang up some fancy design frames with ads from big names or a bag of my favourite design store - right now, in my real bedroom, I framed in my American Apparel bags and hung them up above my bed.

I think it's every girl's dream to have a dressingtable like this, just because it makes you confident to have a place where you can make yourself ready for the day or the evening with a big mirror to admire yourself in - well, after the makeup is done. 

Have you got a dressingtable? Or would you want one?

xo Romy

PS: both pictures are from Pinterest, you can find the original links by looking up the pics on my H O M E board.

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