Wednesday, February 11, 2015

MAC Pink Plaid

Ever since a certain moment right before last Summer, I have been a lipstick junkie. I just can't help but feel the urge to add a nice colour on my lips to finish my look. I've been trying out all kinds of shades and finishes to see which ones look best on me, but there's still so much on my lipstick-wishlist.
I've been blessed with a pair of quite full, smooth lips, and I have no idea who gave them to me. My mum has rather thin lips, but the shape of my mouth does ressemble hers. 

This matte pink MAC lipstick, Pink Plaid, must be my all time favourite up till now. Its a lovely, quite subtle but bright enough shade that really suits my teint and eye- and hair colour well, I think. But as every matte finish, it's a hard one to apply and it starts to crumble after not even a half day. I have a MAC lip primer , which makes this problem a lot less big, but still, I only wear this lipstick when I have to go out of the house for just a couple of hours. Like today, when I only had 2 hours of school - the joy!

What's your favourite shade of lipstick?

xo Romy


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