Friday, February 20, 2015

The knot of 2015

half up and undoneThe classics never go out of style and the long bob is one of those looks that is never out of place. We've got 8 of the hottest Lobs with DIY How to tips.Ariana Grande <span class="EmojiInput mj230" title="Black Heart Suit"></span> her hair is super cute like this haha

I always have a double sided relationship with hair trends. Like when bobs were cool, I wasn't planning on cutting my hair because two months later, long hair would be fancied again. And when ombre hair was suddenly everywhere, I had already seen the trend passing by, and now when you see girls with ombres everyone's like "Shee, that's so 2013".
So I'm never going to cut or dye my hair because of what's in fashion. What I do like is trends that show you nice ways to wear your hair. There's been this time that braids were all back, and then I learned myself how to do fishtail braids, french braids, even 5-string braids. And I wore them everyday. I've been trying the Elsa-braid for weeks now, but my hair is still too short. *cry*

But now I've spotted (and well, probably not just me) what I think will be something hot. I first saw the half up knot at Ariana Grande - see picture above, drooling at that look to be honest... And I must say it's a great style for every girl's hair. It makes your face free and keeps hair out of it (which I find very important), but if you're not the type to let your shoulders and neck naked it's still a comfortable look. It also works with long and short hair, and it even works for those beardy, long haired Scandinavian men that all women are suddenly keen on!

Decided to give it a try myself, and I think it's definetely something I'm going to experiment more with! And the best part: it takes like 10 seconds and a rubber band.

And what about you?

xo Romy

PS: the sources of all three photos can be traced back on my beauty board on Pinterest! Feel free to follow me too!


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