Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bruges Beauty Haul

A little afternoon of shopping can always make my week a lot better when it had been rough. What I like even more, is shopping for something you need and want and really coming back with it. Last Wednesday afternoon my boyfriend wanted to go to Bruges to go and get himself a pair of Beats headphones, which I nicely used to get some beauty treats for myself as well.
I had been running out of my good old (read: very old) Chanel powder foundation and so I thought it was time for a new one, so I got my hand on this cute Healthy Glow Sheer Colour SPF 15 powder from the 'Les Beiges'-range. The woman that helped me in the departement store recommended it to me, and I kind of always trust what they say. It's much lighter and subtler than the foundation I had before, but I think that once I've found out the right technique to apply it, it will make me look flawless - oh, little ego.

Second of all I had been scrolling too much through Tumblr and had fallen in love with tanned girls that wear light nail polish. As I tan quite a lot myself during Summer, I thought it wasn't a bad idea to stock some colour myself. I bought an Essie in Marshmallow #3, which is a cute white. I'm really thrilled to use it for the first time (when I get my tan on, that is) because I've never had an Essie before, though I love the colours they have and I'm really thinking of buying more. I also got a pretty, bright blueish colour from HEMA and a base coat, as I needed. 

Also at HEMA I got myself a foundation brush. I don't have a lot of brushes so I'm starting to expand my collection, mostly by reading what brushes do what and why I should get them. 

I'll probably be showing off these products in reviews later!

xo Romy

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  1. love your purchases..really want an Essie nail polish too, I agree with you about the girls with their tan and light nail polish, the combination looks amazing! <3


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