Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Inner calmth

Today was 'Dreamday' at my school, a day in which we had workshops about higher studies and work in the morning and a couple of hours of a so called internship in the job we would like to do in the future.

The thing I liked the most about this day was suprisingly not the internship, which turned out a bit boring and not very useful for my choice of higher studies, as they placed me in an advertising agency that was specialised in webdesign and where I could do much more than talk to the manager and ask some questions. I had rather been at an editioral office or a PR agency, but of course I'm glad my school offered me the chance to go and see this kind of work, too. I'm quite sure though I'm not going for webdesign. 
But what I liked today was the very first workshop we did, about talents and how these can be linked to our choice of higher studies. The first question that was asked was how we used to play when we were kids and how we link this to our talents. I used to be calm as a kid, and I still appear to be. I read books, watched a movie in silence, invented stories with my barbie dolls or dressed them and their houses up nicely. When the weather was good, I enjoyed just laying on the grass and watching the sky, or walking in the street with my sister looking for cats - odd kids we were. I think that calmth is still in me. People always say I appear to stressless during stressful situations like exams, discussions or deadlines. I often remain stoic, quiet and even sarcastic. 

Thing is, I think that's mostly outer strenght and calmth. Inside, I often stress out and feel a bit hectic, which I think is a really bad thing. I enjoy activities that help me free my mind for a while, like taking a walk in the wind, yoga classes and getting a massage. Then I feel free and rested. It's funny what a difference those things can make for my head. And it's also funny how little I do those things.

A little self note - and a note to everyone who feels the same way -  to take more care of myself and let that inner stress out and get an input of inner calmth, just as I appear to be on the outside.

xo Romy

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