Thursday, March 5, 2015

L'Oréal Make Up Genius

If this isn't the future of beauty and technology, than I don't know what is. If you haven't tried the Make Up Genius-app by L'Oréal yet, you definetly should. There is nothing more fun than having a horrible day on which you look like shit a shaved poodle and giving yourself a selfie make-over that you can look at all the time.

Of course this app also has a proper purpose, which is to brand the featured L'Oréal products. And I think that's a great idea. That's why I want to become a marketeer. To have ideas like this. I mean, look at the eyeliner in the last picture. It fits my eyes perfectly. Or the peachy lipstick in the second picture, heaven. It's really something I would use for more brands if it were possible, just to see if a colour looks good on me before buying it, and actually having the chance to 'try it on' and being able to buy it online without risk (apart from the risk of bad quality). 

SERIOUSLY TRY IT. And send me your looks!!

xo Romy


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