Sunday, April 5, 2015

Lisbon / 29/03 - 03/04

In the area of culture, I think my school pretty well rocks. Each year of high school, there's one week before spring break that you go on a school trip, which gets cooler every year. Thanks to my school I've had an adventure week in the Flemish Ardennes, a week at the Belgian coast, a week in Berlin, London and two days of Amsterdam. And traditionally, your senior year is the one you look out to the full lenght of your high school career, because that's the year that money isn't an issue and you go on a fancy trip to a fancy city for six days. As mostly, we went to Lisbon in my year. 

The days flew by, but I think I've seen a lot of the beautiful Portuguese capital.
On Sunday, we went to the Castelo de São Jorge and saw a soccer match (Portugal - Serbia including Cristiano Ronaldo). The castle was really beautiful, really something I recommend visiting when you're in Lisbon. 
The next day we went of to the district of Belém and saw lots of symbols referring to the explorations of for instance Vasco Da Gama, which I found very interesting. After this, we went on the the Expo district where we visited the Oceanario. The fatty fish on the picture is the well-known moonfish or sunfish, which was quite a nice thing to see.
On Tuesday, the first thing we did was going to the flea market before visiting the nearby Panteão Nacional de Santa Engracia. The Panteão inside is so beautiful and breathtakingly high, really a must-see. The view on top is also worth a picture. The Centro De Arte Moderna was less of my cup of tea, but that's probably personal taste (and also a bit the unfriendly employees there).
Wednesday was the day where I got tired and ill, mostly because we did a + 15 km climb upwards the Penahill in Sintra to visit one of the beautiful Sintra palaces, the Penapalace. The sight on the palace was totally worth the climb, and so were my sore legs. Sintra is a beautiful surrounding with lots of nature and history for those who love it. I really enjoyed walking around the gardens and underground tunnels of the Quinta da Regaleira, too. If you want to be flabbergasted by all the secret aisles and staircases of this beautiful place, it's a must.
Thursday, the last day, we started off with crossing the 25th of April Bridge to see Cristo Rei, two thing that are thought to be stolen from the American continent (think San Fransisco and Rio de Janeiro), but a guide told me that the resemblance of the bridges is just a coincidence. Though, the Cristo Rei statue is a replica, only the one in Lisbon has a face... Next we went to a wine house 'Bacalhôa' where we got a tour and had the chance to taste some wines, but I don't like wine. I do like the process of wine-making though, so it was quite interesting. After a little beach-stop we finally visited a little Azulejo-factory where I bought one of those little cute tiles (you'll see it appear here one day or another). In the evening we went to a Fado-bar from which I forgot the name, but apart from the music I didn't really like it there so I wouldn't recommend it anyway. 

I really had a lovely week and I think we did some great activities. I would really recommend you to visit Lisbon when you ever get the chance. It's super cheap, too. 

Tell me about your Portugal adventures or dreams!

xo Romy


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