Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring break and positivity

Finally! It's Spring Break. Well, for a week already, but still. That break from school came perfectly at the right moment.

My plans? First of all: be positive and happy. I want to go through life with a smile on my face and peace in my heart and I want to motivate others to do so too. I'm going to start with eating clean as much as possible, get happy from eating things I like, take relaxing baths with the best scents and qualitiful products, ... I'm going to choose 3 things each morning that I want to accomplish that day. I'm going to drink lemon water each morning, workout each day when possible, look at myself in the mirror and do my best to make myself look better, but not different, enjoy little things, say yes to as many things as possible, and so on. It gives you such a great feeling in your stomach and heart!!

And my other plans for spring break? Cooking, a couple of days at the coast, hopefully a cinema trip and cleaning out my room. And reading. And watching Dexter. And probably not completing my list because of the everlasting distracting Sims 3.

Big love and kisses and lots of happiness.

xo Romy

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