Monday, May 4, 2015

Favourite nudes

Nude is honestly the coolest thing in the world. It's an all-season shade, looks good with both black and white, warm or cold and gives you the ultimate natural look. In this post I'm listing my favourite nude beauty items.

A lipstick I've already reviewed here before is MAC Plink!, a cute nude that shades between orange and pink. It looks very soft and girly on your lips and is has a smooth, glossy finish. It even sparks a little! Full review here.

The other lipstick I just got. I've been curious about the L'Oréal Exclusives and though I had been focussing on the reds, my mum brought me two of the nudes including this Barely Greige by JLO. I haven't worn it quite yet, but on a swatch the colour looks very pretty and elegant. Though being used to the MAC's and Clinique's, it's strange to wear a brand like L'Oréal again. The lipstick even smells different!

The nail polish is one of my forever favourites and I got it from the OPI collection by Astrid Bryan. It's called Go Nutty for Donutty and is a nude that I could wear all year long. It suits my skintone so perfectly and I get so much good comment about it! It's also a very good and long lasting product. Unfortunately, the collection was a limited edition about three years ago and would still only be available in Belgium...

The Chanel Healthy Glow Sheer Colour foundation powder is the one I got from my Bruges shopping haul last month. It's a great addition to my make-up bag, but not an everyday product. It looks great as a mattifying, extra bronzing powder on top of a liquid foundation or BB cream when you're looking for that extra thing to add to your look. I only wear it when I'm going out for a party or dinner, but I'm really happy about it.

The bra is my new eyeapple. Lately I've been very into looking for cute lingerie because I really like comparing fabrics, shapes etc (yes, because of that!). When I visited the Intimissimi shop in Ghent lately, I was really happy to see all the whites and the lovely bustier-looking bras so  I couldn't leave the shop without getting my hands on one! Find it here!

What's your thought on nudes? And what are your favourite nude products?

xo Romy


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