Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday, Messy Bunday

Happy Sunday to you all! I woke up this morning at 8 am, got out of bed, grabbed some detoxing lemon water and a bowl of yoghurt with fresh fruit and decided it would be a productive Sunday, so I started studying for my tests for this week.

My mum bought these donut hair buns a while ago, but I never tried it out before. I think I would do great if I used them on someone else, but I think I didn't completely fail by trying them on myself. I like buns, but I'm not really the one to wear a straight-to-the-back one that looks like you've spent two hours to make them look good. So I combined the donut bun with a messy, casual look and a striped sweater by Maison Scotch to give myself a little Parisienne twist. 

I'm off to support my sisters in their 5 km run through Ghent today. Sadly I'm not able to jog, as I've got a joint issue in my hip, but it's a sunny day so I don't mind spending a couple of hours watching other people sweat - mehehe.

Enjoy your Sunday! 

xo Romy


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