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A skincare dictionary

It's so important to take good care of your skin, especially when the seasons change and the weather is acting kind of silly (like super hot one day, and a cold wind the other). You read multiple articles about products that are good for your skin, but sometimes it's hard to see make a difference. That's why I've gotten you a little 'skincare dictionary' so you know what to follow!

Hydration and moisturizing

Probably the most important step when taking care of your skin: hydration! The word makes us think about water, and water is a very significant part of skin hydration. Try to drink approximately two liters of water every day. I sometimes try to drink even more, and it makes you feel so fresh and your skin will look so bright! Watch out with salty food and dehydrating fluids like coffee and alcohol; drink a glass of water for every unit of them that you take.
But hydration is about more than drinking water. If you've got a dry skin, you'll probably need to use a moisturizing body product. The Louis Widmer Remederm products are very good for dry skin, I love the body milk and the bath oil - makes your skin supersoft. Though quite pricey, they're very worth it. For your face, the new Aquasource line by Biotherm offers go-to products for a perfect moisturized skin.


Words we can relate to exfoliation are scrub and peeling. It's a way to remove the oldest dead skin of you upper skin layer and to make your skin soft and pure again. It's a good treat for your face as well as your body. The Avène gentle peeling is the one I use for my face at the moment. It suits every skin type and is not too harsh on it too. I used to have the Nivea refreshing peeling which was even better because it really leaves your skin feeling fresh and new. For my body I use the Bodysol Purifying scrub. It smells really good and has a creamy texture and is suitable for normal skintypes.
You shouldn't scrub your skin every day; once or twice a week should be enough.

Cleansing and toning

A ritual you should repeat every evening after a hard day for your skin, is cleansing and toning. A cleanser takes away remnants of make-up and dirt on your skin and gives it a fresh layer before bed. It's mostly a creamy, milky substance and leaves your skin soft. The necissarity of toners is discutable. Some say it's bad for your skin, others say it's good because of the ingredients it contains that restore and repair your skin. My advice is to look out for a water-based toner, because alcohol-based toners can be superharsh on your skin and do more harm than good! I don't own very good cleansing and toning products (shame on me!) but my wishlist features the Nivea refreshing 2in1 tonic that's a cleansingmilk and a tonic in one product!

Smoothing and firming

You hear it more and more these days: use a firming product to prevent your body from "sagging". It's not quite a skincare routine, more of a cellulite-remover, but I thought it was worth it to be added to the list. I read in an article once that Victoria Secret angels use a smoothing cream on their butt to make it tight, and ever since I've wanted the Clinique Happy Body Smoother.


A serum is like a usual facial cream, but it leaves out some ingredients, moistly the oils and oily products. It's very good when you have an oily skintype and you want to have a product that really feeds your skin and recovers it. It takes longer to soak in, but it's worth it! I love the Biotherm Skin Best Serum as it smells really good and leaves your skin with a lovely glow, but without the oily part.


SPF or Sun Protect Factor is a feature that we know from sunscreen lotions, but it's also used in many facial creams and serums. It protects your skin against UV-radiance, which is very important if you want to keep it healthy and young. I really recommend you to always look for a day cream with SPF factor! Lately most brands have added it to their lines. For a night cream however, opt more for a product without the SPF factor.

What is your skincare routine? Do you use any of these products?

xo Romy

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