Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Brainfood : fruit salad

Is there anything better while studying than food? It's just a ritual that you (or your mom) make sure that you get something to eat every few hours while being behind my desk preparing exams. And in the past that very often used to be cookies wrapped in chocolate. I've found a much better ritual these days, and that's to make myself a big fruit salad around 4 pm that gives me energy for the rest of the afternoon and is full of fibers and vitamins that help me study. My favourite fruits? Raspberries, melon and strawberries!

Nuts are also great brainfood, but I'm allergic to them so that won't work for me. Fat fish on the other hand is something I love, and is good for your brains too! And I drink lots of water!

What are your favourite brainfoods?

xo Romy

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  1. i love a good fruit salad - your photos are making me want to go make one right now (i'll try to resist), i'm a big fan of adding a dollop of yogurt on top as well x
    natasha // eyebrows, inc.


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