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Interior Inspiration: Alaina Kaczmarski

Photo's of The Everygirl's cofounder and editor Alaina Kaczmarski's former Chicago home have been pinned endlessly on my Pinterest HOME board. It's a simple yet cosy appartement, full of sandy hues and the best interior pieces. I've got these images and the information from Popsugar, who interviewed her about the place too! All the links to the interior pieces are on that page, too.

Inside The Everygirl Cofounder's Inspiring ApartmentInside The Everygirl Cofounder's Inspiring ApartmentWe can always count on a few amazing gallery walls in your home, and this one is no different! Did you plan them out before you began hanging your art, or did you play it all by ear?
I gathered all of the art I brought with me in the move — there was a lot. And most of it was colorless. I wanted to get something above the sofa first, but I was kind of stuck with what to do, so I just started arranging the pieces on the floor like a puzzle. You can actually see the in-progress photo on my Instagram. I measured out the dimensions, made sure it fit nicely above the couch, started at one corner, and just translated the arrangement from the floor to the wall!
The entryway gallery wall came next. I don't know what inspired me with the floor to ceiling style, but I am so glad I did it! Made a very unimpressive space impressive!
Lastly, I did the gallery wall around the bar. Clearly the apartment didn't need another gallery wall, but the fabulous Society Social bar cart deserved something especially pretty around it. The bar cart I got comes in a lot of fun colors, but I went with white (again, thinking long-term investment since I won't grow tired of it), which almost got lost against the white walls. Sad. I knew I had to style it in a way that really highlighted what a fabulous piece it is. Once I found this amazing handmade "Press for Champagne" button, I knew more holes were going in the walls. I figured why not go all out?
Your kitchen underwent a pretty huge makeover during your time here. What advice would you offer other renters to get a landlord’s approval for drastic upgrades or changes?
Show them what you can do! I asked my landlord right away if I could paint and showed "proof" (i.e. photos of my last apartments) that it would look nice. Simple, neutral, and nice! Be aware, however, that telling a landlord you love decorating might scare them. Some tenants want to do outrageous things when it comes to decor — granted painting the entire kitchen is a bit outrageous — but telling them exactly what your plans are and asking for approval ahead of time and showing them past work you've done helps a lot! 
Side note: I actually asked for permission to paint the cabinets white, which they approved. I started painting but quickly saw that the white wasn't working out; it made the off-white walls look dirty, so I randomly decided to use the leftover black paint from my last bedroom. I finished the job, photographed it, and sent it to my landlord, acting really excited and proud about how it turned out (which was genuine!). I explained the situation of the white paint in the email when I sent my landlord photos of the finished product, and fortunately, she loved it. But I was very aware there was a chance I would have had to paint over them in white or just pay a fine . . . either way I knew it was worth it.
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Inside The Everygirl Cofounder's Inspiring Apartment

Aren't you absolutely in love too with how she manages to create wall art ? The golden and wooden details are something I'm crazy about too. Combining pure white with sandy wood and gold is something I'm very into!

What do you think?

xo Romy


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