Saturday, June 13, 2015

Urban Decay Naked Basics palette

Whoohoo! I've waited a while until I posted about my Naked Basics palette, but now I finally give you my point of view about this overly famous Urban Decay product.

My mum brougt it back from Paris for me, as a surprise, and she didn't even know it was such a famous thing, she just liked the colours! I was soooo happy! I always wanted this palette, as I know I would only use a few shades from the Naked palettes and they're way too expensive to buy all three of them, as I also don't use eyeshadow a lot.

So if you want a compact palette with perfectly nude colours, I would really recommend you this one.

The shades go from white to black, by which you can create a perfect nude colour on your eyes and give yourself a natural look, which is perfect when you're using a heavy lip colour or you're just in the mood for subtle make-up. Because the shades are very subtle. If you do want to make them look heavier, I recommend you to combine them with another eyeshadow because these ones are very light and soft. 

I like to put 'Foxy' on my eyelids and just above them, on the soft part, because it's a soft yellow hue which gives you a fresh and bright eye. The Walk Of Shame and Naked 2 colours can be used more particularily on the eyelid for a perfect nude smokey eye, while the Faint colour works perfect for me to colour in my brows but also on the outer part of your eye. Crave is a very dark brown, almost black shade that's great for lining your eye or to create a dark brown smokey eye. Venus is a matte white which looks great on the inner part of your eye to create brighter eyes or on the browbone as an illuminator.

Naked palette: worth the hype? For me that's a yes. It combines the perfect nude colours which is perfect for me, as I don't like too much colour on my eye. And the basics palette is also perfect if the full palette is too expensive for you or if you just know that you're not going to use all those colours. 

Do you own a Naked palette? What are your thoughts?

xo Romy


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