Monday, July 27, 2015

A look inside my holiday make-up bag

I am so fond of posts like these that I couldn't wait to make one myself. Last week I've been on a holiday to Marbella and I had such a great time. A post about it will follow later so stay tuned!
One thing I love about going on trips is packing. Really, if it wouldn't be so strange I would start packing more than a week before I actually leave! Something I find hard to pack is my make-up bag, because I don't want to take too much of it (partly because I wouldn't use it all, and also because I'm afraid to loose my luggage containing all my favourite products). In this post I'm giving you guys a look inside the make-up bag I brought on my holiday!

At first I thought of bringing my Naked On The Run palette, because well, I was on the run, and it contains several products in one palette. But then I thought I'd rather take loose products because I probably wouldn't really use the eyeliner and all the eyeshadows and the lipgloss inside of the palette.
So instead I took my Urban Decay Naked Basics eye shadow palette which I reviewed earlier and you can find that post by clicking on the link. It came in handy because like that I got natural shades for eyeshadow, a brown hue to colour in my brows and a white to highlight my browbone. I took my Too Faced brushes, the all-over eyeshadow brush and the fluffy powder brush, and a blush brush that I bought at Ici Parix XL, a Belgian perfume store.
Because my face tends to get oily in hot climates and due to SPF's and aftersun lotions, I thought it was a clever idea to at least take my Chanel compact powder to mattify my skin. Next to this, I took my Chanel Les Beiges mineral powder which can give me a little bit more of a glow without using a harsh foundation.
For blush, I always use Clarins Blush Prodige because it's the perfect colour between pink, red and orange because I don't like blush that is too much visible. It also shimmers a little which gives you a great illuminating highlight!
Though I don't use mascara often because my lashes are already superlong and black, I did bring my 3-in-1 Miracle Mascara by Rituals because when I don't use lip colour and I put a bit of colour on my eyes, I like to line my eyes off with a bit of black. The mascara brush you see is something I use as a brow and lashes brush, which is actually much better than the brow brushes you can buy in stores!
I had doubted long before I knew which lipsticks I would take with me, so I just opted for my two favourites of the moment and the ones that were most 'summerish': MAC Pink Plaid and Clinique Pop Poppy Pop. I seriously couldn't be more pleased by a lipstick than I am from the Clinique Pop! It's a mix of primer and lipstick in one, which makes it last for several hours and makes your lips feel supersoft, while it's a great shade too and not too matte or too shimmery! I really want to get all the colours of the Clinique Pop range, it's seriously my favourite beauty product of the moment and it looked great on my tanned skin and black evening dress on the holiday.

What are your go-to make-up products for on a holiday?


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  1. I am such a fan of the naked basics palette, my most used makeup product by far!!!


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