Saturday, July 4, 2015

Urban Decay Naked On The Run

Don't you just love getting new make-up? Especially when it's a product that you've longed at for ages and that you've seen reviewed billions of times at other blogs... Like this Naked On The Run palette by Urban Decay.

Not only this product has a beautiful look on the outside, it also features 5 eyeshadow shades, a transparent all over eyeshadow powder, a pinky blush and a bronzer, lipgloss, eyeliner and mascara! It's the perfect palette to take with you 'on the run', because you can create several looks with just that one little box of magic.

As Urban  Decay stands for, all powder products are very well pigmented and each have a very nice applicance to your eyes and face. Combining the matte nude shades you can create a simple look on your eye, and adding the shimmery metallic colours you're ready for a more expressive face. I love every shade of them. The metallic colours are totally the perfect top-off for your eye. The blush is a little bit too pinky for me, but I guess it could come off handy when I'm all tanned and looking for another point of attention than my lips or eyes - my cheeks. The bronzer is quite nice, it's the first bronzer I ever owned so I can't really relate - shame. The all-over eyeshadow powder works great for highlighting, actually, but also to set a base for your look or to apply it under your eyes for a healthy shine.

I'm not really a lipgloss girl, but I must admit the one in this palette I admire! It's a darker shade which I loooove, because light glosses make you look overtanned-LA-beachgirl real quick (with my skintone, that is). I'm also not a mascara girl because my eyelashes are already long and full (shame shame shame) but it's always a nice addition to your look so it's nice to have, just like the eyeliner-pencil-thing which I also really like but barely ever use.

Honestly a perfect 'on the run' palette, as it features products that you can use for a day-to-night look and basic but beautiful colours.

What are your thoughts?

xo Romy


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