Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wishing for Wednesday: Chanel Les Beiges

Oh, the joy of Chanel beauty products. The package makes you want it in your beauty case, the smell makes you feel feminine and the look and use of it makes you superbeautiful. I could fill my whole beauty collection with Chanel if it weren't for my poor wallet. And their 'Les Beiges' collection is seriously something I'd die for.
I already own a Les Beiges loose foundation powder that bronzes your tan a little, but the other powders with the two colours look so cute as well, like the Harmonie Belle Mine powder in Marinière N°1. I've read so many reviews on it and it would be lovely to have a lighter, more pink powder in my collection.
Chanel nail polish is always flawless, and the 'Precious Beige'  looks so amazing! 
The Belle Mine Healthy Glow Fluid is another product I've read delightful reviews of and a products that is definetely on my wishlist. It looks like the perfect base for a healthy glow look and a fresh face.
As you might know if you're a frequent, I'm not a lipgloss girl, but when it comes to Chanel I'd like to turn my tide, like for this Extreme Shine Lipgloss. Because this colour is so pretty! I love darker lipglosses and this nude shade must look awesome to top off a look! 
And then the Healthy Glow Stick, something I think must be precious for a fresh, happy face with a bit of colour on the cheeks. I love a good blush, but a stick that adds some life to my apples is something I'm longing for! I'd go for the coral shade, because I have the kind of face that could use some peachiness, but there's also a pretty pink and a sexy bronze stick.

Do you own a Les Beiges product? Or would you like to? Let me know!


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