Friday, August 21, 2015

Home office design ideas

It's crucial for a business lady, an ambitious student or even a woman who just likes to scroll around on Pinterest in an office that looks like it came right off the screen: a pretty workspace. Creating the perfect looking office at home is much harder than it may seem.
What I think is the most important feature of a home office is light. Make sure you place your office in a room with a window that lets in a bulk of natural light while your working. Though, make sure there are blinds. You do not want the sun to keep you from being able to see your computer screen. I myself sit in front of a window that spreads over the full width of the wall. In the afternoon, the sun hits my view, but I have very functional blinds and transparent curtains to save me from getting cooked.

Another vital aspect of your home office is your chair: oh lord, is it hard to choose the right chair! Because I'm a student and blogger who sits behind her desk a lot, I have chosen for a comfortable rolling chair in plain black. It's not the most Pinterest-worthy one, but my back and neck find it a better option than a plastic white Scandinavian-style chair, how pretty that may be. But if I'd even get sick of my rolling chair, which won't happen to soon I guess, I would probably go for something more colourful and design like the pastel blue ones or the brown leather one in the collage.

Further, an office should be three t-things in my opinion: tight, tidy and timeless. Go for whites, blacks and woods for the big furniture. You can add splashes of colour and contemporary design in things that aren't too expensive or are meant for use, because when you spend your day at your office you might get bored of the decoration easily!

But mostly, you have to be able to concentrate and have a free mind behind your desk, so keep the decor relaxing and don't use 'angry' colours like red and too lively pinks, greens and blues. Opt for white, black and pastels!

All links to the original images and more design ideas can be found on my Pinterest LIVE board. Feel free to follow!


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