Thursday, August 13, 2015

How to: quick and easy manicure

It's a thing that gives people an opinion about you instantly: your hands. If they look nice and well taken care of, others will see you as a decent, clean person a lot quicker than when you have bitten-off or broken nails.

What I also hate to see, is those huge fake nail claws. Gel nails can look classy, but it has to be done right and with care! Personally I prefer simple, natural nails coated with a shiny polish that also improves your nails' health. I always use a colour on my toe nails, even in winter when nobody actually sees them - I just don't like the sight of non-coloured toes! For my finger nails, I use colour now and then, but I like to give them a rest too by only using a coat that takes care of the natural colour and prevents ageing.

When my nails need a time-out, I like to give them a little, simple and quick manicure myself. With my mani-routine, you don't have to spend + € 30 at the beauty salon or take a whole afternoon off to get healthy nails. Of course, if your nails and/or hands are in a really bad condition, I recommend you to see a specialist instead. My manicure routine is just for hands that need a little spa!

I start up by cutting my nails to a healthy, quite short lenght - or, when your nails are already quite short, I file them a little rounder.
Next, I use cuticle oil. I have a 'to-go' edition of the OPI Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Oil that hydrates your cuticles and nails and makes them supersoft again.
After applying the oil, I soak my fingers in warm water to soften my cuticles even more.
This helps for the next step, which is pushing back the cuticles. I do not cut them, because I find that scary and I think it's superbad for your cuticles too! I have a pushy that I bought ages ago, so I don't remember where I got it, but you can find them in any make-up store or even in the departement stores. This Tweezerman Pushy and Nail Cleaner combines two manicure tools which is actually quite nice!
This is where you might buff your nails, which makes them beautifully shiny but is also not good for them! When my nails have broken off a little, I mostly just grab my file and scrub the upper layer away.
Then I use hand cream. I don't really have a favourite hand cream, because I actually never use it apart from when I do my manicure as my hands are quite soft already, but I tend to like this Avène Cold Cream because it really gives my skin an extra moisturizing boost. Try to massage your hands little while using the cream, and massage it onto your nails as well.

When the hand cream is absorbed a little, it's time to add a shiny layer to your nails. Right now I really like the Essie Anti-Ageing Ridge Filling base coat, which makes them look even and soft and supershiny! I also like the Herôme Nail Perfect Anti-Ageing and the Herôme Natural Nail Whitener.

Et voilà! Your nails look young, fresh and shiny in less than 20 minutes. Ain't that a manicure to be proud of?

Do you do your nails yourself or do you head to the salon?



  1. Wauw wat heb je een leuke blog! Hele mooie lichte foto's ook :) x


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