Monday, September 28, 2015

Black favourites

Ah, black. For some it's a colour that symbolises depression, sadness, anything like that. I can only say black makes me very happy, and especially these products.

I don't usually wear mascara, but if I want to look extra dramatic, for instance when I'm going out or shooting a beauty look, I swear fidelity to the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara. A very comfortable brush, superblack colour, and it makes your lashes crazily dramatically long and thick. Just how I like it for a striking look or to spice up nude make-up.

The Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner by Bobbi Brown is a product that I've featured a lot on this blog, but it's also my favourite eye-product and just the most comfortable way to wear eyeliner, much lighter than a liquid one and easier to apply than a kohl pencil.

The Chanel Compact Powder is the simplest product in my beauty drawer, yet it's kind of the most essential. It's perfect to mattify a shiny face and it's the perfect base AND finish for your make-up look. It's very light and transparent so a super good product for people who like the nude, natural look.

And then my newest favourite scent: Narciso Rodriguez for her, the black one. I'm really not good at explaining a scent, if you can read frangrances click the link, if you don't just head to the store and smell how awesome it is!

The bra and panties on top are Hunkemöller and the panties underneath are Victoria's Secret. I'm super in love with lingerie, and black is in my opinion still the sexiest colour to wear. You can go romantically lacey, but also dramatically metallic like the bra!

My favourite shoes forever must be my black and white Nike Internationalists, the comfiest ones I've ever owned and when they will be worn out, I really want another pair! I really need shoes with a soft sole to walk on because it helps to controll the hip-, knee- and ankle pain I get when I walk due to my joint issues (hypermobility). It's not that bad, but wearing a good shoe really prevents that I can barely move my legs after going for a long walk or something like that.

Is black your favourite colour as well? Do you have any favourites?


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