Sunday, September 6, 2015

End of summer special: my ideal festival

There it is already: the end of the summer! Often named Festival Season, June - September is the perfect time to attend to your favourite festival to see the artists you like with your friends, do nice activities and eat junk food. Since I haven't done any festivals this year, I'm sharing with you which artists, activities and foods would make it to my ideal festival!

Choosing the artists isn't so hard, since I'm quite a loyal listener. Without a doubt there would be The Weeknd. I've followed him since the beginning and I love how far he has come and how many fans he has these days! Another favourite artist of mine is Frank Ocean, but sadly he isn't really making any new music or performing (as far as I know), though it would be a dream to see him live. Also Lana del Rey, Sia and Florence + The Machine would be on my ideal festival because all three of them are powerwomen and just have the most beautiful voice. Tyler, The Creator would also perform since I'm secretly a big fan of his music and I think he's just a funny guy when he's on stage. Talking about being good on stage, Pharrell Williams is just a performing God and he as well would be on my ideal festival, not because I'm such a big fan of his music but just because I think he's a great artist and person. Other artists I would like to see on my dream festival would be Rae Sremmurd, The Civil Wars, Oscar & The Wolf, Sam Smith, Major Lazer, Mike Will Made It and Kanye West of course. I know, my music taste is very diverging!

But my festival would be more than music only. As a true beauty lover, there would be hair salons by L'OrĂ©al, make-up workshops by MAC and Bobbi Brown and skincare stands by Clinique and Nivea. I would also like to see fashion shows from urban shops and brands showing the hottest festival looks.

Although a nasty, fat hamburger and fries or a creepy dry pizza are nostalgic festival foods, I would go for something more healthy and pleasant, like the fancy "haute dogs" you see every where now (from eat.warm), but also raw meals by the Belgian Rawfood Chef Julie and a little stand with meals by the recipes of Rens Kroes, providing healthy pizzas, shrimp noodles and sweet potatoe fries.

Where my festival would take place? Most likely in a warm place in between mountains, with the camping places being located higher than the festival ground so you can SEE the party from where your tent stands.

Well, sadly, this full festival is just a dream, but seeing all those artists in my life would be quite and experience. And I'm really in the mood for those sweet potatoe fries right now...

Would you like this festival? What would be yours?


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