Thursday, September 17, 2015

Launch of L'Oréal Pro products @ Adrien Coelho Premier Studio

A couple of weeks ago, I got an invitation to visit Adrien Coelho Premier Studio in Brussels learn about and to try out three new projects by L'Oréal Professionnel. I was immediately very excited and curious, so I scheduled my visit for the 11th of September.

My sister and I took the train that day, and the people from L'Oréal Pro got us a taxi to bring us from the train station to the hair salon. Adrien's studio is just beautiful. Simple, stylish and full of elegance.
The L'Oréal crew gave us a warm and nice reception, I felt very welcome and we got offered macaroons, little cakes and smoothies.

One of the product managers started off by giving us a presentation about a new concept, named hair contouring. I found this very interesting, since contouring is by far the biggest trend of this year and it's very innovative to apply it to hair colouring as well. It's just like make-up contouring à la Kim Kardashian; the hairdresser plays with shadows and highlights in the colouring of your hair depending on the shape of your face, to let it be in a better contrast. You can read more info on hair contouring here.

Next, we got information on the SteamPod 2.0 which is a hair straightener that works on the power of steam. I had heard from the SteamPod, yet never had so much information on how it works. I'm very excited to start working with it to create hairstyles. I already have quite flat hair, but I can use the SteamPod to curl my hair as well or to give it even more shine (which is what the steam is also very good for!).
We also got quite some information about the ProFiber treatment, which is a series of haircare products that are first used in the hair salon, and then reactivated by you at home. Another very interesting concept, I thought, since I always pay a lot for the treatments at my hair salon to actually wash them out a couple of days later. The hairdressers at Adrien Coelho's studio then started the treatment on me and my sister and I got a very nice brushing too.

I'm thrilled to see the effects of using the ProFiber products at home that came in the lovely goodie bag with the name of my blog written on it, together with the SteamPod, additional hair care products, brochures about the projects and a little box of macaroons.

I will be reviewing the SteamPod as well as the ProFiber products soon, when I've used them a couple of times. Stay tuned for it!

I say a very big thank you to L'Oréal Professionnel and the hairdressers at Adrien Coelho Premier Studio for having me, it was a wonderful day and I look forward to further collaboration!


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