Monday, September 21, 2015

L'Oréal Pro SteamPod 2.0

In my previous post about the launch of 3 new projects at L'Oréal Professionnel, I already told you about the SteamPod 2.0 that we've got to test. Now I tested it at home for you! I'm not a regular user of straighteners, my hair is already quite sleek and I never really have the need to make it even straighter. Though I might be changing my thoughts about that now that I've used the SteamPod. 

The SteamPod works on steam, so you have to fill the reservoir with distilled water before using it. I'd been told that you use the full reservoir to straighten your hair once, but I've already used the SteamPod three times without refilling so that's a plus! 
I got three haircare products from L'Oréal Pro that come with the SteamPod: a cream for thick hair, a milk for fine hair, and a serum. After washing my hair, I prepared it by drying it with a towel and then using the milk on the lenghts and ends. When my hair was only slightly damp, I blowdryed it before starting to use the SteamPod.

There are some guidelines on which temperature you need for what kind of hair, but I just leave it on 140° because I don't like too much heat on my hair. The SteamPod has a little comb in which makes it really easy to straighten the hair and divide it in sections. 

It's a little scary when the iron first releases a bit of steam, because you'd think your hair will be on fire soon, but actually it's much more comfortable than with a normal straightener. Your hair gets a little damp which makes it feel much less dry than with the average flat iron.

This is the result: beautifully straight hair that also still looks healthy! After straightening you can still use the serum but I don't think that's really necessary and it also makes my hair quickly oily. I really like how the SteamPod makes your hair shinier and as so look healthier than with a normal flat iron.

Overall I absolutely love the SteamPod and I'm so happy that I discovered that straightening my hair can actually make it look more shiny and healthy. You'll definetely spot me with a sleek hair look again!

UPDATE: But my friend just curled my hair and that was pretty awesome too, so I'll be switching between those two... Who knew I'd change my hairstyle???

You can buy the SteamPod and the caring products at your hair salon.


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