Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Most iconic ponytails of the red carpet

And yet I've got another hairstyle addiction to add to the list: the ponytail. Ever since my hair has grown longer than it's ever been, I've started wearing it in a ponytail because that seems to work very well with my face.

I mostly go for the middle-parted low ponytail like Beyoncé, but sometimes I just like to pull it all backwards and make a high ponytail like Gigi Hadid or flick it up a little like Selena Gomez.

Sometimes it makes me sad that I don't have curly hair, like when I look at Eva Longoria's hairstyle above...
And I'm definetely going to try to do my hair like Blake Lively because that's a super cool variation on the average ponytail!

Ponytails don't have to be casual or simple, they can easily be worn dressy or even red-carpet glamour like you see on the images! Just make sure your make-up is slaying and your outfits suits the hairstyle and go try it yourself!

Do you like the ponytail? Which one is your favourite?

All images can be traced back at my Pinterest PRIMP board.


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