Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My favourite YouTube channels

For a very long time, YouTube was nothing more for me than a way of listening to music. I knew there were lots of vloggers out there making video's for 'people like me'. But I just couldn't understand why you would spend 20 minutes listening to the same person talking about what they bought at the newest Forever21 collection or just another video of how to do the perfect smokey eye.

But lately I've found that there are several channels and people who can make me watch video's just because they have a very interesting content and a speaker that is good at catching the attention of the one who's watching. Let me share with you my favourite YouTube channels.

British Vogue
I am deeply in love with the British fashion industry and the British Vogue channel gives you a beautiful insight of that. They feature a lot of Alexa Chung - who is my favourite person of all times, like really - but also Cara Delevigne and many more it-girls and queens of style. It's just so nice to watch videos of, for instance, Poppy  Delevigne in her home talking about dancing in the rain, or seeing an interview with Kate Moss, or Alexa discussing how to take the perfect selfie with Olivier Rousteing. So if you want to see it-girls, the fashion world and posh British accents, hit the suscribe button.

Lydia Elise Millen
Lydia is the beautiful British blogger from the blog that goes by her name,, and not only is she a gorgeous girl, she also has a great YouTube channel where she talks about her life, but also about beauty and hair styling. Her video's are sometimes slightly too long, but then again, her last video about natural looking waves was perfect. Although she lives a life to be jealous of, she's just a person like you and me and she behaves like that in the way she speaks and makes her video's, and that's absolutely a reason to just love her.

It's for the Dutchies around here! is a fantastic Dutch online magazine based in Amsterdam and lead by Anna Nooshin. I was superhappy when they also got a YouTube channel with video's on for instance how to do a natural make-up look and the Alexa Chung hairstyle, but also cute and funny ones like the My Boyfriend Does My Makeup tag and many more.

Forever my favourite beauty blogger,, and recently I've also discovered her beauty channel. Every picture and video she shots is just so dreamy and I just get so inspired by looking at it! She also features the best beauty products and gives you great tips on how to use them. I also very much love her room tours because Kate is an amazing interior designer so it just gives me inspiration to go and decorate my room all over again!

As I've said already, I haven't been busy discovering YouTube vloggers for a long time, so if you have any tips on who to suscribe to, please give them! :D


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