Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September streetstyle inspiration

Okay, first of all: let's have an applause for my Paint skills.

Here you've got them: my monthly streetstyle favourites and where I get my inspiration at the moment. I'm really into finding nice outfits, especially now that school is back on because I really see it as a challenge to look slightly good every day.

Though I have quite the Autumn/Winter closet to be happy about, this collage does give me some drools over certain items. For instance, the camel front-buttoned suede skirt is still something I absolutely love to see and totally want. Combined with a high collared shirt, another thing that seems to be hot right now, it looks so classy and seventies-ish.

I'm really glad that I already have some fluffy items (think jackets and sweaters) in my wardrobe because otherwise I would be spending all my money on them now. I've got a black fake fur coat, which is great because it suits every outfit, but the long oversized beige one on the image is so to die for as well... I already have a white fluffy sweater like Alexa and I totally love it, it's one of my favourite pieces.

Some people would be very surprised to hear me wish for a turtleneck sweater, but you know, times change! I detest the tight and itchy ones, they're just hideous and not at all comfortable. But the oversized ones with wide collars? Yes please! It looks so badass on skinny jeans or leather pants.

Another thing I already purchased (hooray!) is a long coat. I know the one in the image is more or less a kimono, but you get my point on how great it is to style long outerwear. They just make you look so powerful, in my opinion!

Have you spotted any other trends lately?


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