Thursday, September 10, 2015

The undeniable pro's and con's of social media

I'm a blogger, a 17-year-old, a student in communications and I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Swarm, Snapchat and Pinterest. And probably even more that I have forgotten about. It is safe to say that I am a social media lover. But, I too, see both the positive and negative sides of social media.

There's this new show on Belgian television, Het Sterkste Netwerk (translated The Strongest Network), that makes famous social networkers rely on their followers to help them win the competition. Not only is this a great way of bringing celebrity and follower closer to each other, it also uses social media as a tool to help charity organisations. For instance, in the last episode Adil El Arbi and Showbizz Bart had to call for their followers to donate their hair to Think Pink and they had to rebuild a school for children. It really made me see what a lovely thing social media is and how it raises awareness in all kinds of ways.

Just like how Kylie Jenner uses her 35 million followers on Instagram to get people to use #IAmMoreThan, raising awareness of diseases and girls who fight back to them like the beautiful Lizzie Velasquez and Em Ford.

News like this always makes me superhappy that I live in this century and that I can see the positive things about social media instead of just whining about how it consumes the lives of our generation.

Though it does. I'm sometimes ashamed to be in a place where more than 50 percent of the people present is on their phones or taking selfies - in the most horrific situation taking a selfie of themself while there's someone sitting in front of them doing the exact same thing (I've really seen this once).
It also kind of makes me blush to think that I always want to take a picture of my food before enjoying the first bite, or how many (pretty) pictures I haven't posted on Instagram just because they didn't suit my feed.

But isn't that just the creativity of our generation? Or at least a part of it? We want the world to hear us, to see us, to like us. It's been like that in every era, and it is like that in the 2010's. Just in a digital way. If you just try to see the amazing things we can achieve using social media, it can really change the way of you using it yourself.

I think social media is a great, beautiful, exciting thing, as long as it makes you feel more loved than lonely and as long as you can see the world that surrounds you by lifting your head from your smartphones now and then. Because really, I think our species will grow a bent neck in a couple of decades!

Give me your thoughts! I'm curious about them.


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