Saturday, October 17, 2015

Bronze Autumn Look // JESSIE

So wow, I plannend on doing an Autumn look around the end of October, and here it is. But it's so cold these days I might as well could've done a Winter look!

I met two friends, Jessie and Anneleen, this week for a little make-up session. If there's one thing I have uncommon with most of my female friends, it's our love for make-up. It's something we could talk about for hours, and it's so fun to primp each other.

Anneleen and I thought about an Autumn look, and we decided to brown and bronzy tints on Jessie.

I think bronze hues are so beautiful for make-up, especially when you want to create an everyday, easy Autumn look. The colours of the leaves that are falling off the trees are the best shades for the season we're in.

Use dark nudes on the eyes and keep it simple. We used the darker shades from my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette. To make it really bronzy, use an eyeshadow with a little high-pigmented shimmer, like the colours from the e.l.f. Baked Eyeshadow Trio in Peach Please.  For a softer, more blended effect, make sure your eye shadow brush is a little damp by rubbing it over a wet cloth or by spraying it with MAC Prep + Prime Fix.

Add a little bronzer or a dark blusher to your cheeks. Hard pinks and oranges on your cheeks are for Summer, while Autumn asks for golds, browns or even reds. For Jessie, we went for the peachy/golden MAC Margin, a blush with a frost finish and a little bit of shimmer. I think this looks so good on her, it really accentuates her pretty cheekbones and it suits her skintone very well!

As for the lips, we opted for a traditional Autumn-ish brown/red, using my forever favourite MAC lipstick which is MAC Twig. We combined it with a beautiful pink cinammon lip pencil, MAC Nice 'n' Spice, to give Jessie's lips a little bit more volume and just make the lipstick look even better.

How do you like this look? I think it's absolutely gorgeous, everyday-pro and full glam in the mean time!

MODEL : Jessie Morel
Co-MUA : Anneleen Viaene


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