Thursday, October 1, 2015

Contouring with powder make-up

Contouring tutorials are on the list of the most searched keywords from YouTube. And yes, I too am guilty. The thing is, pro-tutorials mostly use highlighters, bronzers and foundations in a liquid or creamy substance. Which is probably the easiest way to contour, yet it's not really something I would go for. The putty-technique of layering all the liquids would make my skin very angry and would cost me a breakout of spots and dry skin...

Yet I suddenly had a thought: I have bronzing and illuminating powder in my Naked On The Run palette, and I use powder foundation... Why not give powder-contouring a try?

Aren't contouring-process pictures hilarious?! I really had a good laugh at myself. I applied highlighter from the Naked On The Run palette (it's actually all-over eyeshadow, but it has a nice illuminating shimmer) in a triangle under my eye, underneath my brow, above my brow, in a line on my nose, in a downside triangle on my forehead and a little bit on the apples of my cheeks.

Then I applied bronzing powder from the same palette in the hallows of my cheeks by sucking them in, then on my temples, a little bit alongside my hairline, around my chin, and by the sides of my nose following the edge from the inner part of my brow to my nostril.

I like to see highlighter above the cupid's bow as well, but I decided not to do this because this could show off the tiny hairs that grow all over your face much more than wanted.

I used my Ici Paris XL Blush Brush very faulty to apply the highlighter and bronzing powder on bigger places on my face (like my temples and cheeks), and the Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair contour brush for the smaller places (nose, brows).

Then I used my Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair powder brush and my Chanel Les Beiges tinted powder and blended the contouring products with my foundation. I used my Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair blending brush to get a better blend in the smaller spots of my face to finish.

Et voila! The result. It's quite strange because my face feels superheavy with all the make-up on it, as I'm used to only apply transparent powder and foundation powder + blush. Though I'm quite happy to see how it ended: natural looking, but very much different than usual. My face is aligned in a fresh way!

I think I might be going to contour my face when going out sometime, but it's not a thing I would go for everyday. Not only does it ask for a lot of make-up, it doesn't feel very comfortable on my face and it's a living hell to remove it in the evening...

What are your thoughts on contouring? Do you do it? And if so, do you use powder, cream, liquids? Tell me!


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