Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Estée Lauder Pure Color Gloss Collection

A fact that no one can deny about me, is that I'm a total lipstick junkie. Not wearing some kind of colour on my lips for a day is an exception. Though, lip gloss is another thing. I mostly don't like the shiny, glossy look on me.

But my aunt bought me a supercute travel exclusive set from Estée Lauder a while ago, containing five super cute shades from the Pure Color Gloss collection: Pink Innocence 21, Blazing Coral 48, Garnet Desire 15, Rock Candy 09 and Raspberry Pop 52. And I must say I really like them!

The glosses are very pigmented and have quite deep colours, and that's probably why I love them so much! They really top off a look and make your lips elegantly glossy, not '12-year-old Barbie girl'-style but much more Kendall Jenner like!
There's quite some shimmer in them though, which is the only down side for me.

I'm also happy that the glosses aren't too sticky; they feel comfortably light on your lips.

A set of cute colours that aren't too shiny for a lipgloss: perfect! A nice variation to my all-the-time lipstick addiction ;)

Are you a lipgloss lover?


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