Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Getting my make-up done

As a total beauty lover/blogger/owner of various products, I can spend hours trying out new make-up looks and it makes me feel so pretty and powerful to make myself look beautiful. Though, what is even better than doing my own make-up...? Getting my make-up done!

A little while ago, a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to play sitter for her cousin, a student at the MUD school for make-up artists in Ghent (Delphine Morel). Her main goal was to practise on the base, so cleansing + foundation + concealer.

It was really interesting to see how she chose the right shade of foundation for me, since I'm not a frequent user of that product. I mostly go for tinted powder to mattify my face. Though I really liked the result! Delphine mixed to shades of foundation to get me a natural looking base.

While getting pampered, I also learned some tricks I didn't know about yet and I'll seriously be using. And this only for a base routine!

Next to foundation, I've also been convinced that mascara is not an unholy product for me. I just need to use the right one. Mascara's that offer you lenght and thickness are a no-go for me, since I've already got superthick and superlong lashes. I kind of need a mascara that curls and gives volume.

I'm wearing MAC Spirit! A pretty, dark nude colour, perfect to top off the natural look Delphine gave me!

A super fun experience! I told Delphine she can always use me as a sitter to practise her skills again, and if I ever have an occasion and I'm looking for an MUA, I know who I'm hiring!!

How do you like this natural look? Have you ever had your make-up done?



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