Friday, October 2, 2015

H&M Beauty wishlist

I know I'm a bit behind on the game, but I was quite unsure about H&M's beauty line at first. But now that I've read some reviews and actually saw what a bunch of great products they have, I've totally changed my view on the line! 

I wanted to make a 'small' wishlist to show you my favourites from the collection, but it turned out to be quite a big list! Ooops! 
Hopefully I'll get the chance to get any of these products soon, I know there's not a lot you can get here in Belgium but I'll be hunting at my best! 

Powder blush in Apricot
Nail polish in Cloudburst, Sepia and Mauve It 
Cream lipstick in So CocoaTea Rose

A peachy blush is something I've been looking out for a long time, since I've only got a rosey one and I think my face could have a more apricot colour too. 
The concealer I would just like to try out because it's a product I use often and the one from H&M would make a nice, budget-friendly variety to the ones I use now. 
The eye shadow- and lipstick pencils are not only great products, they also come in the cutest colours. It would be hard to choose, but these ones are my faves! 
A lash curler is just a tool I need since I don't have one and I like to see my lashes curled. And the design is just so pretty... 
The nail polishes also come in cute colours and I'm really keen on these soft, dreamy shades! The kind of thing I'd decorate my nails with! 
I don't like all the lipstick colours from the line, but these ones do look pretty cool. Especially the deep red/brownish one, definetely something I need to add to my lipstick collection. 
And the lip cream in that colour is just WOW. I don't know if I like to use lip cream because I never have, but it does look like the shade for me! 

Do you own any H&M Beauty items? What are your thoughts? Any tips? 


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