Sunday, October 11, 2015

Palsy-walsy Sunday: FAQ about my blog

Good morning, and I'm happy that you're reading my very first Palsy-walsy Sunday post! I'll be posting a slightly personal post every Sunday discussing a subject that I've been thinking about the past week or that is current in the media, or just something I really want to talk to you about. 

This week it's all about me blogging. Ever since I've been getting 'bigger', I've gotten a lot of questions about Rusty Revolvers and the same ones come back a lot. That's why I decided to put all these FAQ in this post and dedicate it all to answering them!

How did I start blogging and why?
I've always been a writer. On the other hand, I've also always been a fashion/beauty lover. Though, when I was 14, I started blogging about my personal life on a blog named Shoot A Glance. I probably did this because I enjoyed reading other blogs about fashion and beauty but just didn't have the means to do this myself, so I just decided to talk about my life. I posted a review every week, telling my readers about what I had experienced and what my personal thoughts were. I had a lot of fun doing this, and it really helped me practise my English writing skills and creative writing skills in general.
I quit doing this because I was kind of outgrowing it and I really wanted something new. A month or two, three later, in May 2013, I started Rusty Revolvers. I wasn't super active on this blog for a long time, I guess even two years, because I just didn't know what I wanted to do. This all changed right before this summer, and now I know that I really want to post about fashion and beauty and do this with attractive posts and beautiful pictures! 

What are my goals and intentions?
I hope to be posting 3 to 4 times a week. My posts will be mainly about beauty products, so I will be reviewing, collecting items that have something uncommon or just talk about beauty in general. 
I also hope to, in the future, be able to take outfit photos. I find this hard because right now I don't really have the space to do this, nor do I live in the kind of town where you can go outside and get a streetstyle-like outfit photo. I'm still figuring this out, so any helping comments are welcome!! One of the main goals of my blog is also to deliver quality photographs to you, that's why I'm really working on my skills with my Canon EOS 7d. 

What is a Rusty Revolver?
Well, it's really stupid. I like to listen to Frank Ocean, and there's this song Pink Matter with Andre 3000, and at the end Andre raps a part and he uses the scentence 'make her rob a motherf*cking bank with no mask on and a rusty revolver', which apparently is a term that comes from the film Ocean's Eleven. It is really complex to explain, as you see. But I just liked the sound of it, and I'm a sucker for alliterations, especially with the R as it is the first letter of my name as well. And I think it's a name that sticks to your mind. So yes, strange explanation, but there you have it!

What do I like about blogging?
For one I really like to use beauty products and show it to the public. Then I also get very happy when people compliment me on my blog or just say something like 'yeah, I've read it on your blog' or 'I'm reading your new article tonight!'. That just makes me feel super proud! It's great how positive everyone is and I love you all for that! I also love to see how Rusty Revolvers grows bigger every day and I'm really starting to see it as my little entreprise.

How do I combine blogging with my life as a student?
That's an easy one: since I study Communications, school has a really great influence on my blog and vice versa! In between study-hours and school, I try to schedule as much posts as possible. I sometimes arrange a full day to take pictures and write posts. Other days I tell myself to only work for school the entire time. I just learn so much interesting things at college that will have a positive effect on Rusty Revolvers, so I really hope to keep this all up!

I hope you all learned something more about me as a blogger now, and if you ever have any questions feel free to ask! 



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