Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pink October special: pink favourites

Since it's Pink October, the month to raise breast cancer awareness, I decided to dedicate this post to... PINK!

I've never been a sucker for pink, until a while ago when I discovered that soft, nudey pinks are actually supercute in both fashion and beauty (and it's kind of the main colour on my blog layout). Hot pink doesn't suit me, just like violet, that's something you can't change my mind about anymore. But seeing this photograph I made of my favourite (soft) pink products of the moment just makes me super happy!

First of all there's the eyecatcher, the Sex and the City box containing all 6 seasons. No, I did not spend a fortune to buy it. I ordered it at the library so I can keep it a couple of weeks for just € 2,5. I just needed to watch SATC all over again after seeing The Carrie Diaries, plus I'm really keen on the styling and fashionable things that the series is so known for!

Next up is the cutest lip colour in the world, L'Oréal's Color Riche Collection Exclusive by Doutzen. It's less neon-like than my MAC Pink Plaid and much softer. A super nice lipstick to give yourself the sweet-girl look yet still look smoking hot (like Doutzen herself!).

The MAC Boldly Bare lip pencil is less rosey pink than the other products in this post, but I just had to feature it because it's so amazing! It's supercute and pink-brownish when you apply it to your lips and it looks great just on itself, but I mostly combine it with my MAC Twig lipstick. Seriously, lip pencils are a thing.

My favourite (and only) brush set could not be missed out of course: the Pro-Essential Teddy Bear Hair set by Too Faced that I already reviewed in this post. Shortly said: cute on the outside, super soft brushes and a perfectly compiled set too.

Then there's the hand soap from the Sephora Cotton Flower (Fleur de Coton) line. It's my favourite Sephora products fragrance and next to the hand soap I've got the body lotion and the bath foam as well! If there's one scent that can make me happy, it's this one!

 Last but not least one of the hottest trends of this season: the Bernadette jacket. I've got it at a local store, the label says Verso but I can't seem to find it online. My closet consists of a baby blue one, a brown one and this lovely soft pink one which is absolutely my favourite. I just want them in all colours!

How do you like these products? Any favourites yourself?


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